Message from President

When I started Pure Source in 1995, I had a very simple business philosophy.

I wanted to do things right. That simple. I put together a team of professionals, and demanded people who would go the extra mile. Many years later, the results have been extraordinary.

First of all, I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to manufacture products that work. Products that did exactly what they claim to do, products with scientific evidence to back them up, and give our customer exactly what they wanted to buy. It was, and still is, my belief that developing a reputation for making top quality products would follow us. Today, I am very proud of the sterling reputation we have built for quality and innovation. We have developed and manufactured some of the finest personal heath and personal care products on the market today. Our clients are happy because their customers are happy.

Secondly, I wanted to take care of my customers. I wanted to rest easy at night knowing that my team always did the very best we could to satisfy the needs of each individual customer. I knew that all of these needs would be unique, but I also knew, and still know, that every customer has options. We had to continue earning their business every day.

And finally, I wanted to do it at a fair price.

I knew that if my team and I would be able to do these three things on a daily basis, then business would grow. I knew that if we can continue this simple theory over the long haul, our success would continue to grow as well.

Today, I am like a proud father. I have seen Pure Source grow, and I have seen my team continue it’s dedication and allegiance to that very simple philosophy.

Come visit us and learn first hand about the Pure Source difference…and give us the opportunity to make that difference for you too.

Best Health,

Joel Meyerson President - CEO